Optima is the most comprehensive and technically capable riser management solution available.

The software, which is designed for use on mobile offshore drilling units, light well intervention vessels and production facilities with drilling capabilities, takes manual inputs and/or outputs from existing vessel systems and uses these to predict and display the behaviour of the riser and provide operational guidance.

Optima uses the same riser response modelling and analysis methodologies as DeepRiser - the industry standard tool for drilling riser analysis. This relationship allows the office-based riser analysis performed onshore using DeepRiser to extend to offshore simulation using Optima with the advantage of offshore access to real-time information such as metocean conditions, riser tension, etc.

Optima is a modular, cost-effective solution that can be customised to the needs of a specific project. Optima has been deployed on more than 30 mobile offshore drilling units to date and has demonstrated multi-million dollar savings on each well programme, as well as significantly enhanced safety and integrity.

A suite of offline simulators enables the planning of riser operations in prevailing or forecast metocean conditions and for examining 'what if' scenarios. A further option adds online (real-time) capability, with input data automatically acquired from a range of vessel systems. These include the dynamic positioning system, riser tensioner, BOP Mux, metocean, etc. Additional options provide riser and wellhead fatigue tracking capabilities while a range of riser-mounted sensors allow for riser profile measurement and vortex-induced vibration detection.

Benefits include:

  • Better planning of riser operations in prevailing or forecast metocean conditions, eliminating unnecessary conservatism and reducing risk of incidents
  • Increased operating window based on actual metocean conditions leading to reduced NPT and significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration with DeepRiser, the industry standard tool for drilling riser analysis
  • Reduced risk of failure through improved system monitoring and operation - keeping the riser within its operational capacity
  • Enhanced long-term riser integrity from recording riser usage and fatigue exposure
  • Reduced annual riser inspection costs through implementation of condition-based maintenance and inspection programmes
  • Reduced fatigue and wear on critical riser components
  • Helps protect wells by providing decision-grade guidance on timely disconnect
  • Provides the ability to properly plan dual activity operations (SIMOPS) on-board, resulting in greater operational efficiency
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