Production efficiency and loss reporting with data analytics.

Designed by production engineers for production engineers, Proevx is an analytics-enabled, web-based, intuitive and highly visual software platform to manage production efficiency and loss reporting. It transforms awareness of the causes and consequences of production deferrals and provides efficiency tracking, action tracking and regulatory reporting.

Proevx leverages the power of data analytics to help production engineers decrease production downtime, highlight and quantify the causes of deferrals, identify vulnerabilities, and plan for efficient maintenance. It also leverages Wood's deep knowledge of oil & gas production to help you reduce the costs associated with asset operations, inspections and maintenance.

Crucially, the Proevx platform provides a single source of truth for production loss tracking and reporting, loss and action tracking, and field performance. It is accessible to all stakeholders, offshore and onshore, and allows production engineers to focus on avoiding downtime while bringing insight and analytics to maintenance and downtime planning. Proevx brings a step change in production operations, loss reporting and operational excellence for producing assets.

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