Wood’s cost-effective thermal products have a track record and reputation of being well designed and highly reliable. Our Industrial Power division has been designing and manufacturing feedwater heaters and steam condensers for over 130 years.

In fact, feedwater heaters and steam condensers were the very first products offered by Wheeler Condenser & Engineering Company (known as Foster Wheeler – a Wood business) when it was founded in 1891 in New York, USA.  Today, you can find our steam condensers and feedwater heaters in nuclear, combined cycle, fossil steam power plants and industrial plants, all over the world.

Water and air-cooled condensers

Wood’s industrial power team has significant experience in steam surface condensers for all applications.

For nuclear plants, we have installations in boiling water and pressurised reactors, as well as Candu designs, whilst for thermal plants, Wood has applications in subcritical and supercritical steam plants, as well as combined cycle plants.

Wood’s Foster Wheeler condensers benefit from over a century of engineering experience in the development of condensers design which attain the highest possible efficiencies. The strategic pattern of the tube bundle assures negligible pressure drop, maximum surface utilisation, optimum reheating and deaerating, return of condensate to the system at saturation temperatures and other desirable characteristics.

Our design flexibility cover in water-cooled condenser, axial and down flow condensers for plants over 50 MW and our compact circular condensers offer the best economics solution for smaller applications.

In air-cooled condenser, our product is unique regarding smart design, careful system integration, rate of non-conformances and system performance.

Feedwater Heaters

The primary purpose in utilising feedwater heaters in the regeneration vapour power cycle is to increase the thermal efficiency of the cycle. As a leading supplier of feedwater heaters, we recognise the value of conservatively designed, high-quality equipment capable of withstanding long-term cyclic operation. Our designs include internal separated zones to provide the highest efficiency, as well as vertical and duplex designs to save space with no impact in reliability. Wood works closely with our customers to ensure that our solutions are tailor-made for their needs.

Thermosolar Heat Exchangers

In the early 70’s, before solar power became mainstream, Wood worked with the US Department of Energy to design and develop the first concentrated thermal solar power plants. Since then we have been involved in solar steam generating projects for most of the utility-scale thermal solar projects in the world, totalling over 50 projects.
Today, in addition to offering individual steam cycle thermal components such as feedwater heaters, preheaters, evaporators, superheaters, reheaters and condensers, we also offer the entire steam generating island on a turn-key basis for both parabolic trough and tower solar thermal power plants.

Heat exchangers

Well supported by our thermal product experience we supply the best solutions for shell and tubes heat exchanger. With a detailed flow stream analysis (including process chemical elements) and finite element stress and vibration analysis we provide a full range of HX equipment such as: reheater, shutdown cooler for nuclear generating station, economiser for solar power plant.

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