Water resources
Balancing the needs of today with planning for tomorrow.

Our integrated approach to water creates a balance between the needs of today and smart planning for tomorrow. Helping evaluate multiple and competing objectives and priorities to determine the best possible outcome and usage of water resources is what we do best. From establishing new water resources to achieving the most from existing resources, our experts support thousands of projects every year.

Integrated water management planning

The intense pressure on all aspects of water and limited budgets mean that water should be managed in its entirety, if it is to be managed effectively. Using our decades of experience solving environmental and water infrastructure challenges around the world, we developed the One Plan approach for integrated water management planning. We bring together the best elements of water-sensitive urban design, One WaterBlue-Green Cities and integrated resource planning to identify robust and value-added projects while considering the complete water cycle.

Stormwater and green infrastructure

Taking a holistic view of stormwater, we approach each assignment through the lens of the entire ecosystem, to create a balanced and practical plan for tackling current challenges, while building resilience for the future. We combine state-of-the-art policy and planning through design, construction and operation while employing low-impact development and green infrastructure to reduce operation and environmental impacts.

Dams, levees and reservoirs

Wood has engineered, constructed and inspected dams for water supply, hydroelectric and flood control needs worldwide. Our projects range from small agricultural dams to some of the largest civil works projects in the world. We offer a broad range of integrated services, from permitting services and siting studies to geotechnical investigations, hydrologic studies, design, construction oversight and instrumentation.

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