Zero-Emission Mobility
Accelerating zero-emission mobility viewpoint

As the world acts to systematically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels on the journey to a net-zero future, a major revamp of urban mobility will serve as a catalyst to unlock sustainable communities. When it comes to reducing emissions, zero-emission mobility can be a gamechanger for creating thriving cities with enhanced transportation solutions.

Transportation sector services

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Practiced experience covers the entire transportation sector including broad policy, business, surface transport, and mobility solutions.

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Sustainable transport and decarbonisation teams are focused on energy transition of fleets.


Transport asset management focused on the delivery and efficiencies of fleets, equipment, infrastructure, and transit.

Accelerate the transition

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Wood is collaborating with an array of fleet operators to advance adoption of zero-emission vehicles. With countless possibilities for fleet adoption, Wood presents tailored options when converting entirely new or partial fleets to battery or hydrogen fuel cell power.

Using Wood’s ZeroEmissionSim™ digital application and leveraging our transportation specialists, clients gain insights into fleet range, vehicle operating requirements, route scenarios, cost impacts, power demands and charging or refuelling requirements to meet ambitious net-zero goals and transition with confidence.

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Charging forward

For zero-emission mobility to become a reality, ease and accessibility of charging infrastructure is a necessity. Wood electrifies roads and communities by optimising charging locations for both battery and hydrogen fuel cell equipment. Our zero-emission transport specialists support fleet owners and municipalities in the design, engineering, and installation of charging systems – for commercial and consumer mass-market EV users.

Driving every step of the journey



Operator use and vehicle requirements

GHG inventory

Fleet inventory

Facility inventory



Market research
Technology and trends

Technology impact and GHG reduction

Government and grants



Change management plan

Maintenance and facility modifications

Charger deployment and commissioning

Procurement model
CAAS, leasing


Execution and monitoring

Pilot vehicle program

KPI establishment and monitoring

Review of data

Mass adoption strategy

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