Asset performance management

Plan, manage and optimise your APM initiatives

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Maximise your APM investment

Asset performance management (APM) systems are digital tools that can help asset-intensive industries improve equipment reliability and integrity and reduce operating costs. However, when organisations implement an APM system, they often face challenges demonstrating its value in practice.

APM implementation services and optimisation support

Our asset health engineers and consultants can help you deploy a new APM implementation or optimise an existing system to increase your asset performance and business results measurably.

Combining the key factors of people, processes and technology, we align your APM plans with your asset management goals and measure your progress.

Verdantix Green Quadrant badge Leading asset management service provider

Our proven, phased approach for APM success is backed by successful implementation experience and industry recognition.

The independent research and advisory firm Verdantix has named Wood a leader in digital for its asset management technology implementation services, with the highest overall scores against ten competitors.

When you join forces with us, you get a lasting, transforming solution that matches your technology needs and boosts your operations and culture. Let us help you get the most out of your APM investment.

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Align APM strategy with your business objectives

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Ensure implementation success with a phased and managed approach

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Identify common APM challenges and apply strategies to overcome them

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APM implementation challenges

When organisations implement an asset performance management (APM) system, they expect to see quick and tangible benefits. However, while technology plays an important role, it's only one part of the overall solution. Other common challenges include a lack of APM subject matter expertise, resistance to change, data and integration challenges, and limited budgets.

“Merely implementing APM software and digitizing existing processes is not likely to improve core operations and obtain the financial results that executive leaders desire (and investors demand).”

Deloitte Insights: Asset performance management: Driving value beyond predictive maintenance

“94% [...] would use a third-party consultant [...] to support the development of their vision and strategy for asset maintenance management digitization, while 56% said they would use consultants for predictive maintenance software implementation….

With the growing need for expertise to support asset management and strategic objectives, firms are turning to systems integrators and digital service providers”

Verdantix survey; Green Quadrant: Asset Performance Management Solutions 2022

How to implement APM with lasting success

A sustainable APM system requires more than just technical proficiency; a deep understanding of your organisation's people and processes is also essential to achieving lasting success.

All elements must be rationally put in place to deliver business value.

We are recognised as a leading digital service provider

Verdantix has recognised Wood as a leading systems integrator and digital service provider backed by world-class asset performance management consulting capabilities:

Verdantix report: 'Green Quadrant: Industrial Asset Management Technology Implementation Services 2024'

We offer industry-leading capability in training, data frameworks, technical consultancy for implementation, product development and optimisation, and system deployment services. Our deliverables include maturity assessments, cultural change management, APM business case development and APM best practice frameworks.

Our global domain expertise in the underpinning disciplines of integrity, reliability and operational assurance allows us to provide practical support to any asset performance management implementation.

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Q&A from our webinar 'APM – beyond the software'

Plan, manage and optimise your APM

A sustainable APM system requires more than just technical proficiency but also a deep understanding people and processes.

We have implemented and used many of the industry-leading APM software packages for our global clients and in our own operations. Our framework, digitalisation experience and asset health subject matter expertise will guide you through the APM optimisation process.

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