Case study
Space Fence Radar System

Breaking new ground to protect assets in space

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Project details
Project name:
Breaking new ground to protect assets in space
Client name:
Lockheed Martin
Republic of the Marshall Islands
Michael D. Sufnarski
US Government Sector Lead
Julian Henley
UK Government Sector Lead
Craig Wells
Canadian Government Sector Lead
Key stats
Detects & tracks debris as small as 10cm/diameter
Movement from low-Earth orbit to altitude of 35.7K kms (22K+ miles)

Facilities and infrastructure development for advanced S-Band phased array radar for US Space Fence programme.

Using advanced solutions and independent approaches, Wood partners with clients to reimagine the possible and deliver some of the world’s smartest innovations. In early 2015, we began designing facilities and infrastructure for the Space Fence Radar System – the largest ground-based radar of its type ever constructed.

Silhouette of town at night with shooting stars in the sky

The Space Fence programme, a new advanced ground-based S-Band phased array radar system, revolutionises the way the US detects and tracks more than 200,000 objects orbiting in space and increases the ability to protect space-based assets by preventing collisions. The project is an upgrade to the US Air Force’s original Space Surveillance System, installed in the early 1960s.

For this project, Wood leveraged its extensive engineering and construction expertise from across the globe to support Lockheed Martin in making their vision possible. This included the design of radar array buildings, mechanical buildings, operations buildings, power generation plants, and site work.

The US Space Force declared operational acceptance and initial operational capability of the Space Fence radar in March 2020.

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