Integrated maintenance database (IMD)

Analyse, optimise and validate your CMMS/EAM data

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Effective QA/QC stage-gate and information management bridge to your destination CMMS/EAM system

Integrated maintenance database (IMD) is Wood’s proprietary cloud tool utilised by Maintenance Engineers across diverse sectors and industries to:

  • Build new maintenance regimes for new projects (greenfield)
  • Analyse, optimise, validate and map existing maintenance data from CMMS/EAM systems (brownfield)
  • Assure data referential integrity and engineering data anomaly management

Reorganize CMMS and EAM asset hierarchies icon

Reorganise CMMS and EAM asset hierarchies

Develop new maintenance regimes icon

Develop new maintenance regimes for new builds (greenfield)

Optimise existing maintenance data icon

Optimise existing maintenance data (brownfield)

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IMD use cases


Integrated digital landscapes

CMMS/EAM solutions have always been an integral part of complex industrial asset management systems but are increasingly seen as a critical part of a modern asset’s integrated digital landscape.

Digital transformation programs may not succeed if the necessary foundation is not established, including data referential integrity. IMD provides quality control and information management of existing data prior to being transferred to destination CMMS/EAM systems.

Risk and conditioned-based maintenance systems

The IMD can support your shift towards risk-based and condition-based maintenance systems. It helps ensure high-quality master and transactional data in the CMMS/EAM system, including information about spare parts and inventory. This is important for making informed maintenance and reliability decisions.

Reorganise asset hierarchies for operational efficiency

Create and manipulate hierarchical equipment lists (Functional Locations and Assets), Job Tasks, Task Lists, Job Plans, Object Lists, BOMs, Routes and PMs. The IMD allows the bulk-building of Planned Maintenance and the ability to copy Job Plans, Routes and Job Tasks, making maintenance development fast and flexible.

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IMD to analyse, build and optimise data

Developed by maintenance engineers for maintenance engineers

Powerful IMD features

  • Cloud-based – high speed, no local installation required and accessible from any browser
  • Flexible – easily developed/configured to align with your requirements
  • Visible – provides live project progress tracking via dashboard/KPI reporting
  • Secure – appropriate user roles grant customised levels of access to ensure security and integrity of data
  • Auditable – changes tracked via the auditing module
  • Fast – IMD reduces manual effort through automated applications when compared with traditional builds
  • Reliable and accurate – a robust system with 20+ years of active utilisation and continuous development and improvements

Agile cloud based interface icon

Agile, cloud-based interface

Flexible to align to your needs icon

Flexible to align to your needs

Real-time reporting with business intelligence icon

Real-time reporting with
business intelligence

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