Mining decarbonisation solutions

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Sustainably delivering minerals and metals for a clean energy future 

We know that the journey of decarbonisation is complex and quantifying the costs can be challenging. Our technical experts bring a unique approach to mapping decarbonisation goals and costs, along with decades of specialist industry knowledge, project and operations expertise and a portfolio of decarbonisation solutions to achieve them.

Drawing on Wood’s extensive history in wind turbines, solar, carbon capture and storge, green hydrogen and ammonia projects, we bring leading expertise as solution designers that reduce the carbon footprint across the value chain for the future of net zero.

Our approach to mapping decarbonisation goals

The Wood methodology below provides a framework to setting and delivering emissions reduction targets.

We will assess where you are in your journey and devise an implementation plan, complete with progress reporting, to make your objectives achievable.

  • Eliminate - prioritising projects that will eliminate your carbon contribution for the life of your plant.
  • Reduce - holistic asset and process optimisation including energy efficiency, digitalisation and operations/maintenance best practice.
  • Substitute - substitution of fuel or feedstocks for renewable or less intensive sources.
  • Capture - employ carbon capture or emission control technologies, to substantially reduce or eliminate converter emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Offset - considering assets or product portfolios across a country- or company-wide scale to achieve decarbonisation goals, including potential for offsetting investments or carbon credit trading.
  • Evaluate - apply a structured evaluation process to be able to map and meet goals, and lead to a successful outcome.

Our team can design your solution, implement the necessary changes, and monitor performance with real-time insight.

As trusted partners in developing robust decarbonisation plans for complex plants and operations, we can support with design and delivery of unique solutions during any phase of a project.