Operations procedures and documentation

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Defining, assessing and producing operations documentation to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation of your assets.


Using industry experience and expertise we can review your asset or project to define the operations documentation you require.  International and local rules and legislation are considered during this definition stage.
We will assess your requirements based on asset complexity, manning profiles, target audience and legislative requirements whilst always considering return on investment.


Is your current documentation suitable for use?  Our subject matter experts can assess your current document suite against your current asset condition and status to produce a comprehensive gap analysis and report.  This assessment will give you the confidence you have the correct tools to operate or the correct information to close the gaps.


Our teams produce world class, benchmark-setting documents to allow you to operate your facility safely, efficiently and with confidence.  Our technical authoring teams come from wide ranging industry backgrounds and all are trained in human factors requirements, which is essential to any good operations document.
The documentation we produce includes:

  • Operating procedures
  • Operating manuals
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Facility descriptions
  • Process descriptions
  • Operations management procedures
  • Operating philosophies
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Liam Moloney
Operations Global Manager, Operational Management Solutions
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