Shutdowns, turnarounds (TARs) & hook-ups

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Focused maintenance in a business-critical timescale.

World-class experience in shutdowns with a fully integrated service bespoke for your needs, from strategic scoping and preparations through execution to final handover, sign off and start up.

We understand how important production and project schedules are to our customers, so we always aim to achieve start-up on time. Wood has more than 30 years of experience of successful hook-up and commissioning (HUC), shutdown, and turnaround (TAR) projects around the world. Our success is built on working with the best people and using our integrated planning and completions management systems.

Defining the work

At this vital stage we clearly determine the operating systems and limits, and system handover sequences. We need to set only the items required for this critical phase. Time is money so what can be done while live is left out. We identify inspection test records along with other documentation and prepare commissioning procedures. This way we create the best possible start for our customers and our people.


Whether doing a shutdown/TAR or the initial base hook-up, work scope and a work breakdown structure are key to planning for success. We develop a strategic execution plan, from which work packs are prepared. Our work packs and job cards contain all we need to complete work that passes thorough testing and inspections.


Working by area is the most effective method to complete the hook-up of a facility. However, for the commissioning team to commence work, a system or part of a system must be completed. Getting the best balance between these competing demands is where our experience and planning come into their own. Reducing risk to personnel and the environment is paramount.


When delivering a shutdown, it is critical to have the correct manpower in the correct place at the correct time with the correct tools and materials. People are key and ensuring they are looked after appropriately is paramount to having the success you are looking for.

Management systems

We developed a suite of software tools to support every stage of the management process. This software helps to coordinate activity across all parties and to maintain a consistent source of deliverables throughout. Our systems work equally well for new project commissioning, complex brownfield modifications or shutdowns. They hold all the information required to successfully manage a project through mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, readiness for start-up and handover to operations.

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