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Distribution & storage

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Reducing the carbon intensity of operations through smarter emissions management

Cutting-edge solutions

As the power industry exponentially changes through the energy transition, Wood continues to provide cutting-edge, full lifecycle distribution and storage services to both utilities and private organization.

From electrification to battery storage and hydrogen transportation to power transmission and distribution systems, we are unlocking solutions that meet the energy demands of today, and tomorrow.

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    Case study
    Improving gas production operations with Wood’s Virtuoso® monitoring technology
    Wood’s Virtuoso is a suite of software tools for robust, real-time management of oil and gas, CO2 and hydrogen pipeline and process systems. The highly flexible software provides many operational and commercial functionalities to help address the most complex gathering, production, transportation and processing issues, customized to the unique challenges of our clients’ installations.
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    Case study
    Enabling market expansion for WACKER
    Fumed silica, also known as pyrogenic silica, is in high demand. Produced in a flame, it is used across building and construction, electronics and transportation and a wide range of everyday products from paint to plant protection and personal care and beauty.
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    Case study
    Securing critical energy supply
    As we consume energy by heating homes, turning on the oven or enjoying a hot shower, the gas used to make this possible has travelled hundreds of miles and been thoroughly processed to be delivered safely to your home.
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    Case study
    LNG on legs
    A world-first fixed-platform natural gas liquefaction facility with uncongested open-water access for LNG carriers, free of the coastal footprint that burdens shore-based facilities.
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Clean Energy Business Development Manager