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Webinars and virtual events

Practical and engaging training for facility operators
Learn how to empower your technicians with the knowledge and confidence to operate equipment both safely and efficiently.
Keywords: training | competence | process | operations | operators

Avoid slugging in your asset
Learn how to control and suppress liquid slugging behaviour in oil and gas pipelines and risers with Shell's Smart Choke technology.
Keywords: slug | flow assurance | integrity | pipeline | riser

New standards and solutions for piping in vibratory service
Learn how to find and solve vibration problems in piping systems. We'll show you new ways to identify vibratory service and examine the strengths and weaknesses of common standards and vibration control solutions.
Keywords: piping vibration | pipe supports | clamps | fatigue failure

Streamline your project delivery with Wood standard specifications
Preparatory work for project infrastructure designs often becomes a significant resource sink. Learn how standardised specifications can reduce lead times and costs in your projects.
Keywords: materials engineering | specs | codes | design | pipeline | projects

How to plan and implement a digital engineering ecosystem
Everyone wants to go digital, but was this really mean? In this webinar, we'll discuss how to plan and implement a digital engineering ecosystem and what pitfalls to avoid.
Keywords: digital transformation | digital strategy | digitalisation | operational readiness | digital twins

Intelligent information management for smarter, faster and safer decisions
Learn how to tackle your biggest information management challenges as we take you on a journey from content chaos to intelligent information management.
Keywords: information | document control | digital transformation | iim

Data acquisition for remote monitoring and troubleshooting
Our experts share tips for reliable data acquisition for remote troubleshooting and introduce Wood’s monitoring solution, Veridian iDAC.
Keywords: monitoring | data acquisition | vibration | integrity | reliability | performance | noise

How to get the most out of your downstream facility
Learn how fixing common reliability and integrity problems can help you optimise performance and increase cash flow of your facility.
Keywords: maintenenance | integrity | vibration | RBI | RAM | risk based inspection | performance | refinery

Understanding vibration for high-speed rotating machinery diagnostics
Learn how to interpret rotordynamic vibration data for rotating machinery troubleshooting and condition monitoring.
Keywords: rotating machinery | centrifugal | compressor | vibration | rotordynamics | monitoring

Integrity evaluation of small-bore piping connections
Learn how to manage vibration risks and avoid fatigue failures on small-bore piping connections, one of the leading causes of hydrocarbon releases.
Keywords: vibration | piping | integrity | small bore