Our efforts to create our values and behaviours took time. Our people were asked to speak from their hearts to tell their stories of our new company values and behaviours.

These values and behaviours guide us in our daily interactions. They help create our culture. They’re our common set of principles. They are fundamental to our success.

Our Values


Working safely, with integrity, respecting and valuing each other and our communities


Consistently delivering to all our stakeholders


Pushing the boundaries to create smarter, more sustainable solutions

Inspire Awards

Being part of Team Wood, means you're in a community unified by a vision, values and behaviours that support how we work together.

Day-to-day we make time to show appreciation to our colleagues by saying ‘thank you’ for a job well done but once a year we take the opportunity to recognise our colleagues formally across the globe, to celebrate what we make possible through our Inspire Awards. These awards celebrate the positive impact our people have on our business and the wider world, and encourage a workplace where we recognise amazing achievements.

In 2020, more than 1,500 people were nominated by their colleagues, for the awards across 9 categories. Our Inspire Awards may be a little different this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing hasn’t changed and that’s the inspiration we can take from our Wood team, now more than ever.

The highlights of our 2020 Inspire Awards

Meet our 2020 Inspire Awards winners

Safety Shield

VDN team members 
Winner: The VDN team

The VDN team showed empowerment and leadership in safety to stop the job following a vibration assessment which showed a crack threat. This action was commended by the customer who said, “this is why we hired Wood, to provide such observations and stop the work if necessary”.

Inspiring Teamwork

Winner: The East Metro PFAS Drinking Water project team

As communities across the globe begin assessing emerging contaminants and impacts to municipal and private drinking water, many are confronted with the financial challenge of where to spend limited resources to achieve the greatest impact. The East Metro PFAS Drinking Water project team, under the exceptional day-to-day leadership of Hannah Albertus-Benham, is helping a regional area, that includes 14 communities and more than 150,000 residents, to evaluate feasible alternatives for safe and sustainable drinking water.

PFAS team members 

Marvelous Mentor

Photo of Bindu Satheesh 
Winner: Bindu Satheesh

Bindu has grown the Abu Dhabi engineering office from zero to a strong team of 130+ employees. They have grown their reputation among clients as a preferred partner, in the most turbulent market conditions, and this is down to Bindu inspiring, guiding and mentoring her team.

Driving Diversity and Inclusion

Winner: John Day

John challenged the downstream and chemicals team in Canada to develop and plan an implementation strategy to enhance opportunities for local and indigenous businesses and people operating within the project impact area. John has driven forward this action to promote both business and employment opportunities for both people living locally and indigenous people within the communities closest to the projects.

Diversity and Inclusion winner John Day 

Championing Sustainability

Sustainability winner Lesley DeJager 
Winner: Lesley de Jager

Lesley gives up her own time voluntarily and has been on the board of the Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE) since 2013, an organisation that supports vulnerable people in the North East of Scotland. Lesley became Chairperson in 2015 and has played a pivotal role in helping CFINE win awards and secure a £10,000 contribution for a new warehouse roof. In the COVID-19 pandemic, CFINE’s work is more important than ever, delivering almost 52,000 meals to self-isolated individuals and families.

Impactful Innovation

Winner: Avitosh Tiwari

Avitosh took on the challenge to deliver 4D planning during the engineering, planning and construction of the Shell Trinidad program. This simulation allowed for more efficient and optimal project planning. Shell was so happy they presented it at the Energy Conference in Trinidad and the next step, to go to 5D, was submitted to the CoLab challenge and won.

Innovation winner Avitosh Tiwari 

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service winner Gord Pollock 
Winner: Gord Pollock

Gord is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer in Edmonton, Canada and has delivered technical excellence to a major Wood client for over 30 years. He has created the ultimate client relationship, where he is a trusted advisor for all of their key geotechnical issues. As well, he is a fantastic mentor to his engineering team and is a key reason why the Edmonton Geotechnical office of E&IS delivers sustained and consistent financial results, even in the most challenging oil and gas market we have seen.

Excellent Financial Performance

Winner: John Mason

John took the lead on the implementation of a profit and cash flow improvement plan on the key construction project. John changed how we managed project equipment to generate profit and cash to support the Wood drive for financial improvement.

Financial Performance winner John Mason 

Outstanding Conduct

Outstanding Conduct winner Sandra Thong 
Winner: Sandra Thong

Sandra embraced a change to move from the regional proposals team to the commercial team and took on personal leadership of a business transformation project. She helped address key business outcomes necessary to drive improved performance and galvanise Wood and delivered above expectations.

Our 2019 Inspire Awards ceremony

Life at Wood

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