Creating, controlling and managing, professional publications and graphics to reflect the quality and credibility of your information.


With a combination of technical expertise and creativity, we use the most up-to-date resources to create outstanding products for our customers. Using state-of-the-art software, we produce high-quality, cost-effective graphics and multimedia across all formats. Services include:

  • Simplified process flow, electrical and instrumentation diagrams
  • Layouts and plans
  • Computer-based graphics design
  • Complete marketing and promotional packages – from sales tools, posters, brochures and leaflets to corporate gifts and exhibition stands
  • Technical illustration – including 3D modelling

Our Technical Authoring, Editorial and Electronic Publishing group has a wide range of knowledge and experience gained from successful delivery of projects ranging from small handbooks to comprehensive suites of operational procedures. This knowledge and experience enables us to advise and recommend the best method to meet client needs and expectations.

Our Editorial team can offer a major benefit for clients by coordinating the overall publishing process including project planning, tracking and handover/delivery interfaces. As with all our services, our publishing capabilities can be used in combination with other services to provide a complete package.

Publishing services include:

  • Technical authoring
  • Editing, proofreading and Quality Control (QC)
  • Document specification development
  • Document review, co-ordination and collation
  • Document formatting, amendment and update
  • Electronic publishing and processing

Industry specific support – oil and gas

Our teams are highly attuned to the ever-changing and challenging industry demands faced by oil and gas operators. We have experienced operators with a wide range of practical experience and knowledge gained from working at oil and gas facilities onshore, offshore and around the world. Our team members specialise in the development of:

  • Facility and equipment-specific manuals developed from customer P&IDs
  • System operating and procedure manuals for onshore, pipeline, offshore, and vessels
  • Overall start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Document mapping


Through our comprehensive information management and document control service we bring safety, compliance and efficiency benefits to businesses by ensuring that accurate, user-friendly information is readily available for all business areas.

We are ready to assist with simple documentation issues or to provide a complete off-site document management service via our Information Management and Document Control (IMDC) team which offers a unique cost-effective outsourcing option. Services include:

  • Development of information management and document control procedures
  • Documentation structure and management
  • Library management (onsite and offsite)
  • Metadata management
  • Data cleansing
  • Development and operation of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
  • Information Management and Document Control Support Services – including administration of distribution control, issue control databases and review schedules
  • Documentation audit services
  • Electronic distribution and notification (virtual copyholders)


With a wealth of experience in different document and database systems we can specify, develop and support a wide range of solutions.

The Integrated Maintenance Database (IMD) provides real-time, quality data that adds significant value to maintenance management processes.

Security of data is assured, and the risks involved in traditional processes are engineered out to deliver greater efficiency, quality and overall operational effectiveness.

Benefits of IMD

  • Optimises maintenance management processes
  • Delivers quality data
  • Reduces errors
  • Analyses, validates and cleanses data to meet company or best practice standards
  • Does not require any additional IT infrastructure

Features of IMD

  • Multi-user and multi-site software
  • Data stored securely in the cloud
  • Customised levels of access
  • Tailored to suit individual requirements
  • Rapid QA of data
  • Compatible with existing systems and processes
  • Ease of access via internet connection
  • Multiple options for data review
  • Versions of the IMD include SAP, Maximo and Agility

How it works

The IMD is made up of interconnected modules, with the data stored securely in the cloud. Appropriate user roles grant customised levels of access to ensure security and integrity of data.

It allows the creation and manipulation of hierarchical equipment lists (Functional Locations and Assets), Job Tasks, Task Lists, Job Plans, Object Lists, BOMs, Routes and PMs. Unlike larger commercial CMMS systems, the IMD allows the bulk-building of Planned Maintenance and the ability to copy Job Plans, Routes and Job Tasks, making maintenance development fast and flexible.

The IMD can be tailored to suit your requirements with additional fields, functionality and even customised applications. Using 'LookAhead', the maintenance schedule and resources can be levelled prior to transfer to the customer.