Our nuclear waste management team has considerable experience across a number of waste modelling and assessment work areas, including waste disposability, activated components retrieval and management, irradiation and corrosion.

Wood supports customers with an expansive array of waste modelling and assessment services. Our offering includes waste disposability and characterisation; audit and approval of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) waste package records; inventory management, analysis and development; orphan wastes, alternative treatments and problematic wastes; package design and safety performance; development of guidance documents; and technology reviews and strategy development.

Activated components retrieval and management

We were one of the main contributors and producers of the final 2012 Interim Storage NDA Industry Guidance document. We have been supporting the NDA and its subsidiary, Radioactive Waste Management Ltd, with the creation of toolkits, communication tools and knowledge management activities for many years. As knowledge can be explicit as well as tacit, however, we also have experience such as data elicitation from previous site operators. We are able to assist customers with strategic characterisation as well as alternative treatment and waste compliance.

Remote handling

We specialise in remote handling and ad hoc solutions, supporting characterisation, inspection and monitoring. Where appropriate, we use robotics and remotely operated vehicles. Thanks to our extensive relationships, we have access to the very best partners who specialise in robotics.


Examples of our digitalisation support include waste package databases, interim storage databases and discrete item communication tools. We also have access to proprietary 3D visualisation techniques. We often devise visualisation techniques and facilitation approaches to support projects effectively and engage stakeholders.

Irradiation and corrosion

Our gamma radiation facility at Harwell, UK, is used primarily to irradiate materials and components for the nuclear industry and satellite applications. Samples can be irradiated in water, in corrosive fluids, at high temperatures, under vacuum, under pressure or varying combinations of these. We also can energise components and monitor instrument outputs during irradiation to measure pressure, temperature, pH or other parameters from transducers or instruments.

Our corrosion-based services include:

  • Analysing the effect of radiation on anaerobic corrosion
  • Analysing the expansive effects of corrosion
  • Assessing corrosion mechanisms
  • Long-term atmospheric exposure analysis
  • Failure analysis

Experiments can be carried out in situ at a customer site or at our facility by replicating service conditions.

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