Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct helps us meet our legal and ethical commitments and keeps us, and those who work on our behalf, on track when we have questions or situations where the right course of action is unclear.  It also reinforces our values and behaviours and encourages everyone to have the courage to speak up when something isn’t right.

Our “Speak Up” resources

Wood’s Ethics Helpline is operated by NAVEX an independent company, and allows concerns to be reported confidentially 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in many languages. Your call can be made anonymously and will not be recorded. Concerns can be reported either by web link to woodplc.ethicspoint.com or by using the relevant telephone numbers found below.

Conflict of interest disclosure

If you think you may have an actual or potential Conflict of Interest, or that others could possibly perceive an activity or relationship you are engaged in may be a Conflict of Interest, you must disclose this information using the form linked below:

Gifts and hospitality exchange request

At Wood, we believe it is important that gifts and hospitality are not offered or received where they could create any kind of obligation on the part of the recipient or could be viewed as creating such an obligation. Ensure approval is sought first, then use the form linked below to record gifts and hospitality exchanges:

Business ethics reporting and anti-retaliation

We want everyone to feel safe to report or seek guidance on any situation they are presented with. To encourage this we prohibit any acts of retaliation.

Helpline numbers

Country Telephone Number Telephone Number 2
Afghanistan 503-352-6924  
Algeria Local collect number 503-268-5735 
Angola 503-352-6924  
Argentina 0800-444-6344  
Australia 1-800-339276  
Azerbaijan 00-1-855-260-7434  
Belguim 0-800-100-10 844-898-0388
Bolivia 800-101-110/800-101-111 (Spanish) 844-898-0388
Brazil 0800-891-1667  
Brunei 800-1111 844-898-0388
Cameroon Local collect number 503-268-5735
Canada 1-855-260-7434  
Chad Local collect number 503-268-5733
Chile 1230-020-5771  
China (Northern) 10-800-712-1239  
China (Southern) 10-800-120-1239  
Colombia 01800-9-155860  
Czech Republic 800-142-550  
Equatorial Guinea Local collect number 503-268-5736 
Finland 0800-1-14945  
France 0800-902-500  
Germany 0800-1016582  
Ghana, Africa 503-352-6924  
Guam 1-855-260-7434  
India 503-352-6924  
Indonesia 001-803-011-3570 / 007-803-011-0160  
Iraq 503-352-6924  
Ireland 1-800615403  
Israel (Golden Lines)1-80-922-2222/(Barak) 1-80-933-3333/(Bezeq)1-80-949-4949 844-898-0388
Italy 800-786907  
Kazakhstan 8^800-121-4321 855-260-7434
Korea 00798-14-800-6599 / 00308-110-480 / 00798-1-1-009-8084  
Kuwait 00-1-855-260-7434  
Libya 503-352-6924  
Lithuania 503-352-6924  
Malaysia 1-800-80-8641  
Mexico 001-800-840-7907 / 001-866-737-6850  
Mongolia 503-352-6924  
Namibia, Africa 503-352-6924  
Netherlands 0800-0226174  
New Zealand 0800-447737  
Nigeria 503-352-6924  
Norway 800-190-11/(U.S. Military Bases)800-199-11 844-898-0388
Papa New Guinea 844-787-7627  
Peru 0800-52116  
Philippines 1-800-1-114-0165  
Poland 0-0-800-1211571  
Qatar 503-352-6924  
Romania (Romtelecom) 0808-03-4288 855-260-7434
Russia 8-10-8002-6053011  
Saudi Arabia 1-800-10 855-260-7434
Singapore 800-1204201  
Slovakia 0800-001-544  
South Africa 080-09-92604  
Spain 900-991498  
Sweden 020-799-111 844-898-0388
Switzerland 0-800-890011 844-898-0388
Thailand 001-800-12-0665204  
Trindad & Tobago Local collect number 503-268-5737
Tunisa Local collect number 503-268-5738
Turkey 0811-288-0001 866-307-5655
Ukraine 0-800-502-886 855-260-7434
United Arab Emirates 8000-021 855-260-7434
United Arab Emirates (du) 8000-555-66 855-260-7434
United Arab Emirates (Military-USO and cellular) 8000-061 855-260-7434
United Kingdom 0800-032-8483  
United States 1-855-260-7434  
US Virgin Islands 1-855-260-7434  
Vietnam 1-201-0288/1-228-0288 844-898-0388
  • For an outside line contact your local operator.
  • When the operator asks who is placing the call, give our company name. Do not give your name.
  • All reverse charge or collect calls will be accepted by the EthicsPoint Contact Centre.