Nurturing a culture of innovation

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Wood’s global technical leaders are addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges and seeking to innovate and add value to our clients’ projects and processes.

Driven by our Global Technical Expert Network (GTEN), Wood’s Innovation Quest, a company-wide annual challenge, seeks to nurture homegrown innovation by identifying, funding and delivering innovations within our technical communities, and focusing on the proof-of-concept and prototype stage of development.  Successful innovations are then expedited to fully proven, market-ready state for client applications.

Our 2022 winners distinguished themselves for their innovativeness, prospect for success, and commercial value to Wood and our clients, and fit perfectly with current market demands and trends.

Hydrogen / Carbon Capture Pipeline Asset Management Software: This projectfits squarely with our innovations in energy transition and is critical to the safe operation of pipeline assets as they integrate the transport of hydrogen and CO2. Dovetailing perfectly with Wood’s ongoing work in Hydrogen Blending, it manages the risks associated with that integration, augmenting our existing Nexus platform with new features and tools that will help our clients prevent catastrophic failure of this critical infrastructure.

Climate Risk Assessment Tool: This innovation comes out of Wood’s Meteorologic-Ocean team in the Canadian Maritimes and is a platform for digital integration of current climate and climate change data with asset attributes to facilitate risk estimation. Wood’s Meteorologic-Ocean team is at the cutting edge of climate models and climate change prediction, and has a long resume focused on climate risk assessment of infrastructure. The integration of exposure to hazards, such as extreme weather, and related facility impacts, for a single site or for a large asset portfolio, will allow our clients to prioritize and budget for the hardening of their most vulnerable assets.

Our winning teams will continue the development of their innovations with the financial support required to realize their value to Wood and our clients. We look forward to tracking these innovations as they reach a market-ready stage.

The GTEN creates an environment within Wood that recognizes our subject matter experts and enhances the success of our technical professionals. Experts across a wide range of technical disciplines support project delivery and provide our clients with the ingenuity and innovation required to transform challenges into solutions.

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