Resourcing the energy transition: the future of mining

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The International Energy Agency released a report in 2021, outlining the critical role minerals will play in the energy transition. The report highlighted the startling mismatch between the world’s climate ambitions and the availability of critical metals & minerals needed to realise a clean energy economy.  So how will we resource the energy transition? And, will mining ultimately decarbonize the world?

This episode features:

  • Mike Woloschuk, Wood’s global technical leader for mineral processing, Salt Lake City, USA
  • Julian Sparks, Woods’ mining strategy lead, Santiago, Chile
  • David Bleiker, Wood’s mining sector leader for environment and infrastructure, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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1:22 Is the mining sector ready to resource the energy transition?

04:55 How do you secure funding?

08:20 Developing the next generation of miners

11:00 Friends and foes

14:12 Mining will decarbonize the world

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