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SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
In the face of today’s uncertainty, Wood experts discuss commodities, market outlook and building resilience for our future. Are commodities today following typical supply demand patterns? Is this period of volatility different from others? How is the mining industry being impacted and why is it proving to be more resilient than others?
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SEPTEMBER 02, 2020
Wood experts continue the conversation on what’s next for mobility in the backdrop of COVID-19. They discuss how the pandemic will impact urban growth in 2020 and beyond, the role of electrification and autonomous vehicles in our future and what the new normal of mobility looks like.
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AUGUST 19, 2020
In the current backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wood experts discuss how the pandemic crisis brings a shift in priorities for transportation companies as they move through and beyond recovery, what changes are we seeing in the demands on our public transport system and how tracking tools will be used to reshape future travel demands.
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