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MARCH 31, 2021
We explore how new and innovative partnerships can be the catalyst for the future success of the energy industry in the UK continental shelf (UKCS). We look at how redefined client-supplier relationships can unlock transformative value, and importantly, we discuss how innovative ways of working can propel progress towards a net zero future.
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MARCH 11, 2021
The rapid evolvement of artificial intelligence is changing the pace at which we enhance industrial processes for the future. Wood and Microsoft guests speak to how they are teaming up to leverage the full potential of data science and domain expertise through Project Bonsai, a disruptive tool making the power of AI automation within reach for operators. What factors and technology do we depend on for success? Where do organisations start in embracing this technology?
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FEBRUARY 24, 2021
There is increasing momentum around ending the use of PFAS containing foams for firefighting. However, a full transition for many industries is proving more difficult as they work to address this complex challenge. What new trends will spur the switch to fluorine-free foams? What are the common misconceptions and how can you plan an effective transition strategy? Wood's experts will provide a better understanding of how to become future ready when it comes to firefighting foams.
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FEBRUARY 10, 2021
The recent Davos Agenda brings new commitments, renewed focus on technology and acceleration of net-zero and resilience strategies. But there are still challenges with reporting and investment. How do you create a successful roadmap? What partnerships do you need to be successful? How can a company align its purpose to its ESG mission?
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JANUARY 20, 2021
There is simply not enough money to remediate Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in groundwater. How do you develop an effective remediation strategy and what new technologies are in development to respond to today’s challenges? Wood experts provide a better understanding of ongoing research and development and the future of PFAS remediation.
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JANUARY 05, 2021
Wood experts discuss unlocking a resiliency strategy to respond to today’s Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) challenges. What are the top three things industries can do to manage PFAS risk? What can we learn from the PFAS challenge to evolve how we manage emerging chemicals for a sustainable future? What actions can businesses and government take to respond to evolving PFAS policies?
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DECEMBER 03, 2020
Wood experts discuss how industrial hygienists are helping businesses use technology and best practices to keep employees safe. How are the latest technologies being used? How is ventilation key to safe indoor space? How can we build resilience into today’s backdrop?
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NOVEMBER 19, 2020
Wood experts discuss how industrial hygienists, the hidden heroes of today, are working to build a safe, resilient workplace. How has the role of industrial hygiene changed in today’s world? How should employers manage risk? How we can build resilience?
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NOVEMBER 05, 2020
Wood experts discuss intelligent asset management solutions to enhance water networks for our future. What challenges have been exposed in our rapidly changing world? How can water operators and utilities build resilience to future events? What steps to they need to take to achieve this?
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OCTOBER 14, 2020
Wood experts discuss how they teamed up with client Northumbrian Water at the recent innovation festival to develop new approaches to decarbonising water operations. How are water companies challenged in achieving decarbonisation and efficiency goals for our future? How is the annual Water Innovation festival helping to solve these challenges? How will the outputs bring water operators one significant step ahead in their path to carbon neutrality?
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SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
Wood experts continue the discussion on mining towards 2050 in the face of today’s uncertainty. What is the new normal for the mining industry? How can mining companies unlock the value of ESG? What does the path to net zero look like for mining companies?
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
In the face of today’s uncertainty, Wood experts discuss commodities, market outlook and building resilience for our future. Are commodities today following typical supply demand patterns? Is this period of volatility different from others? How is the mining industry being impacted and why is it proving to be more resilient than others?
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SEPTEMBER 02, 2020
Wood experts continue the conversation on what’s next for mobility in the backdrop of COVID-19. How will the pandemic impact urban growth in 2020 and beyond? What is the role of electrification and autonomous vehicles in our future? What does the new normal of mobility look like?
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AUGUST 19, 2020
In the backdrop of COVID-19, Wood experts discuss how the crisis brings a shift in priorities for transportation companies as they move through and beyond recovery. What changes are we seeing in the demands of public transport systems? How will tracking tools be used to reshape future travel demands?
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