Energy Transition

Wood is fully committed to helping our customers meet the goals of energy transition and climate change. With our extended scope of services and strong industry base we have a broad view across the value chain for energy, resources and manufacturing.

The pace of change in technologies to transform our current systems is exciting and compelling. We urgently need to explore every option in the quest to answer the many challenges of our changing climate and developing populations. This microsite has been set up to share some of our knowledge, experience and success stories so that our partners and stakeholders can navigate the challenges of energy transition and build successful, sustainable businesses.

The site connects to our own stories and services as well as news from across the industry to offer thought provoking views and highlight emerging solutions. Categories will change as we generate more content, please bookmark this page or subscribe to our social media channels for updates.

Transforming the fossil fuel industry

High on the energy transition agenda is the need to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels. We need to move away from coal, reduce the carbon intensity of oil and gas, and apply more resource and investment to mitigating solutions like carbon capture and offset options.

Recently the UK passed a couple of major milestones – generating more power from zero carbon sources than fossil fuels, and going two weeks without using coal to generate electricity. There is a long way to go yet but we are heading in the right direction.

Can we decarbonise the fossil fuel chain to remain viable for a post transition world?

Bridge solutions create the opportunity to step away from the more carbon intensive systems, and carbon capture offers the prospect of recovering harmful emissions and storing them permanently so they cannot affect our environment.

Optimising renewables

Beyond mitigation we have to develop alternative solutions at a scale that allows us to move into clean, fully sustainable energy systems. Renewables continue to grow in use but they are only part of the solution and there is plenty of room for improvement and development, we are working hard on the frontline to maximise the potential of these systems.

Wind power is ramping up significantly with large scale projects both on- and offshore. We are supporting some of the largest offshore projects in the world and using our innovative technologies to maximise the effectiveness of existing assets.

Solar systems are seeing a similar surge bringing costs down and opening up the potential for larger installations.

Solutions like hydrogen and developments in battery power will help solve the intermittency of some renewable sources.

The future of resources

Addressing the environmental impact of our activities is not confined to energy production and needs to address more than just the carbon output. Our wider business supports a variety of areas that can influence the environmental footprint of our industries. From assessing infrastructure and modernising cities to transitioning manufacturing to more sustainable methods and developing efficient factories that use less water as well as less energy, we are helping our customers to push the boundaries and create true sustainability in their businesses.

Taking a broad view of the issues and challenges around energy transition and climate change is a key part of our own sustainability plan to align our business in support of global causes and deliver a cleaner, brighter future for our stakeholders.

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