Case study - Iris Edge

Cutting methane emissions on platform with new technology

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Project details
Project name:
Platform Pilot Study
Client name:
Energy corporation
Newfoundland, Canada
Key stats
Identified leak that was previously undetected:
Our technology was able to identify an anomaly and its precise location, that previously had not been reported, enabling the onsite team to initiate a repair overnight within 24 hours.
Customisable analysis and reports:
Our clients can customize and personalize the software and hardware options to suit their assets and needs. Not only are multiple hardware versions available for different assets, but clients can customize their sensor selection to report on the required data.
The most accurate 3D location software:
Iris Edge is the world's first and only 3D model with a colour overlay that heat maps the velocity of methane leaks. The red indicates higher methane leaks, and green and amber indicate lower levels, with blue showing no methane leaks and safe levels.

Lowering methane in the atmosphere, cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Methane is a major contributor to greenhouse gas levels, with 1 tonne of methane equaling 25/30 tonnes in greenhouse gas equivalent. Iris Edge is not only supporting our clients’ investments but also contributing to lower methane levels in the atmosphere.

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