Iris Edge

What if there was a way to see the unseeable? Iris Edge is the world's fastest and most accurate methane detection tool.

Streamlining methane inspection

The Iris Edge platform combination of expert technology, trusted sensors, and tailored deployment hardware streamlines methane inspection compliance, helps you eliminate penalties quickly and accelerates your decarbonisation strategy.

Unmatched methane localisation and quantification

Iris Edge is your key to incremental revenue at a labour-efficient cost, providing fully autonomous data analysis, auditable results for reporting certification and unmatched methane localisation and quantification.

Cut methane now

Our software is the fastest on the market, cheaper than current alternatives and the most precise globally available with the ability to drill down to the detail.

  • Most precise tool on the market - precise analysis and mapping pinpoints - able to drill down to the detail - locating the exact location of methane leaks.
  • Meets all US legislative requirements.
  • Determines the true extent of methane penalty exposure.
  • Demonstrates ongoing commitment to decarbonisation.
  • The data you need for timely, informed decision-making.
  • Fastest on the market - able to detect and identify a repair in 24 hrs.
  • Doesn't require certified professionals to carry out the work, team members can continue with their day, providing a discreet service that is embedded within our operations.
  • Routine mapping quantifies reductions delivered through abatement.
  • Multiple deployment options.
  • Most cost-effective option on the market.

A low-cost solution

No need for trained technicians

On-field personnel perform inspections without the this enables seamless integration into routine duties and 'fit-for-purpose' deployments across different platforms.

This exponentially decreases costs and allows technicians to perform inspections quickly and efficiently resulting in optimised operations and improved productivity.

Seamlessly integrating into existing operations

We provide easy integration and customisation to meet your facility’s unique needs. As the software can effectively operate as a handheld device and on any robot or drone on the market.

We have successfully detected, quantified, and reported fugitive emissions in 9 natural gas facilities.

Iris Edge is cost-effective in comparison to traditional tools:

Up to 90% saving on hardware
Up to 80% labour cost savings utilising on-site personnel
Up to 85% saving per inspection

Iris Edge is able to locate the exact location of methane leaks utilising 3D visualisation software.

See how you can implement Iris Edge

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Wood has been optimising equipment maintenance and reliability of asset-intensive industries for 25+ years.

We have a rich history of innovation and first-principles understanding, having pioneered the field of equipment condition monitoring, working closely with clients and our partners in building sensing hardware and predictive maintenance software to troubleshoot and resolve critical equipment problems.

A recent example has seen our teams co-design our client's wireless vibration sensors, capable of high integration, accurate measurement, and data acquisition rates of 1-15 mins and co-deployed these sensors to 20 of 2,000 fin fans at one of their LNG sites. Our contribution accelerated development and deployments by ~2 years.

Based on extensive client knowledge and 10+years of operational data, we created and deployed explainable artificial intelligence models to production within four months.

We created a wireless sensor strategy assessment framework, capable of rapidly qualifying market sensors and building and developing an integrated architecture.

We have convinced our client's chief engineers to trust our transparent sensing analytics approach and architecture across all seven existing and new assets.