Asset integrity

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All-of-facility care

We are the leading provider of asset integrity solutions to the energy and industrial sectors, with unrivalled expertise across the asset life cycle.

Spanning the entire spectrum of asset integrity and optimisation

Our all-of-facility care includes specialist services spanning the entire spectrum of integrity, with expert knowledge in risk-based inspection, operations readiness, maintenance strategies, failure analysis, vibration, fitness for service, asset optimisation, training, risk and assurance.

From design to decommissioning

We maximise performance and reliability to ensure the successful start-up and ongoing operability of our customers’ assets, with a measured approach that ensures productivity is achieved safely and economically.

Wood’s established teams provide operational management solutions and training services, repair orders and minor modifications support, and a global vibration, dynamics and noise capability with unique scale and experience.

A measured and scalable approach

No two facilities are the same. Each has different operational and commercial drivers, so when we assess customers’ assets we review their issues in a number of different ways to ensure the integrity solution we provide is rightsized and fit for purpose. We deliver

  • Improved processes
  • Operational readiness and maintenance management
  • Robust operations and life extension
  • Risk-based decision making
  • All facets of integrity management
  • Vibration, dynamic and noise assessments
A reliable partner

We are adept at developing asset-led solutions that are resilient and flexible, providing reliable and measurable efficiencies to support a facility throughout its lifetime. We look for every opportunity to realise value, be responsive and minimise waste. Wherever possible we promote efficiencies and cost savings to ensure our customers get the very best service from us.

From discrete, one-off tasks to a complete end-to-end project management service, we provide initial analysis and troubleshooting through to design, installation, and ongoing operations and maintenance.

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