NEXUS Wells – well integrity management software

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Proactive, digital well integrity management
iWIT™ is transitioning to NEXUS Wells to become part of the NEXUS IC suite of expert systems.

The next evolution of iWIT is here: managing the integrity of your wells – with powerful new features.

iWIT has been used to manage well integrity for major operators around the world for over twenty years, supported by experienced and ​responsive engineers who understand your operational challenges. NEXUS Wells will continue that legacy.

Built on the NEXUS Integrity Centre platform, the Wells expert system is tailored to oil and gas, geothermal and UGS operations in both onshore and offshore locations. The latest upgrade adds even more functionality, such as anomaly management, workpacks and enhanced dashboarding capability.

The NEXUS Wells expert system includes:

  • Barrier integrity status monitoring (OLF 117)
  • MAASP Calculation (ISO 16530-1)
  • Well failure scenario analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Well barrier schematic generation
  • Configurable performance traffic lighting
  • Dispensation management
  • Erosion and corrosion modelling
  • Inspection planning
  • Dashboard generator
  • Report generator

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iWIT interface

Technical  benefits:
  • Fully pre-constructed and tested methodology aligned to industry standards
  • Access to ISO16530/API 6A (and other) engineering calculations and tools as standard
  • Automated process workflows, to reduce engineering resource burden
  • Interactive dashboards allow you to focus on priorities as they arise
  • A ‘helicopter view’ of each region
  • Highlight high-risk areas easily
Commercial benefits:
  • Direct RBI cost reduction (no methodology development time, minimal configuration time)
  • 80% reduction in reporting cost
  • 40% reduction in inspection reporting costs (through digital enactment)

Request a demo below or go to the NEXUS IC page for more information on our suite of expert systems.

If you are a current iWIT customer, contact us today for a demo and next steps to upgrade your system and benefit from the latest functionality.

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Free webinar

Learn how you can automate common well integrity decisions, reduce risks and save operational costs using Wood’s NEXUS Wells well integrity management software (formerly iWIT™).

You'll learn how to:

  • Conduct consistent risk assessments using the well failure action matrix and semi-quantitative methods
  • Automate common well integrity decisions and processes using the latest tools
  • Benchmark your integrity management system against standards to identify compliance gaps
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