AI and data analytics

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We help to reduce costs associated with asset operations, inspections and maintenance. Wood provides data analytics and software design services to asset owners and operators wanting to improve operational and data efficiency, predict operational or safety issues, and drive down costs associated with inspection and maintenance.

Whatever the industry, harnessing the full value of data to support decision-making is challenging. This is compounded when using complex datasets from multiple sources. Our data analytics and software design services improve efficiency and predict operational or safety issues. We help to reduce costs associated with asset operations, inspections and maintenance.

Data integration

Data handling, cleaning and storage solutions: we are experts in managing data from multiple sources and merging data into a warehouse and analytics base tables.

Dashboard analytics

We deliver custom-coded, client-specific asset intelligence dashboards. These web applications provide reporting on key data, performance indicators, alerts, notifications, data collection and secure storage.

AI and advanced analytics

Using the latest AI techniques, we tackle asset, infrastructure and connected-equipment challenges, including:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Process, operations and workflow optimisation
  • Pattern and anomaly detection

Wood’s analytics teams have developed use cases and tools in collaboration with the best in academic research and the data science industry.

For example, Wood noiseAI automates industrial noise monitoring to reduce false alerts by 95%, allowing operators to increase productivity without risking non-compliance or complaints.

Wood maintAI deploys end-to-end sensor-to-action analytical models to dynamically optimise predictive strategies, plant reliability and maintenance response.

Wood sparesAI optimises maintenance, repair and operations inventory levels to ensure critical asset availability while reducing costs by up to 40%.

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