iMAASP is a user-friendly and efficient means of calculating and recalculating maximum-allowable annulus surface pressure (MAASP) on your desktop.

iMAASP has been developed in accordance with ISO/TS 16350-2: Well Integrity for the Operational Phase:

  • A rigorous and comprehensive calculation tool used to analyse the load behaviour of annulus components under complex mechanical, fluid pressure and thermal loading conditions
  • Utilises tri-axial stress analysis, which takes into account a wide range of inputs, such as the axial load on tubulars (which impacts their collapse/burst resistance) and temperature de-rating of material properties
  • Used to run MAASP calculations for new wells after drilling and also for aging wells already in operation, taking into consideration reduced wall thickness in tubulars as a consequence of wear, corrosion and erosion
  • Enables the user to view the impact on the results with any changes made. iMAASP displays the component that most directly affects the calculated MAASP value, and thereby the first component to fail

iMAASP functionality is also available within the iWIT well integrity management software.

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