PipeLay automates many of the tasks associated with building finite element models

Providing automation and project efficiency for complex finite element analysis and post-processing challenges associated with installation scenarios in deep and shallow water.

Developed by Wood in collaboration with key industry partners including Allseas, HMC, Petrobras, Shell, Saipem and Technip, PipeLay was designed to be a specialised engineering tool for modelling installation scenarios.

Allowing data to be input in terms familiar to the installation engineer, rather than the more complex language commonly associated with finite element analysis, PipeLay automates many of the tasks associated with building finite element models, optimising designs and running analyses, and presents results in a report-ready format that can be customised easily to accomodate specific user preferences.

PipeLay has been validated widely against third-party software and is now regarded as the superior tool of choice for offshore installation analysis within the industry today.

Benefits include

  • User does not need to be an expert in finite element modelling
  • Increased productivity for installation engineers
  • Easy-to-use, modern Windows™-based application that is actively and continuously developed for today's computing environment
  • Support for all feasible installation scenarios
  • Sophisticated and accurate finite element solver based on proven Flexcom engine
  • Significant level of detail achievable, including complex in-line structures
  • A single license allows unlimited instances of user interfaces for model building and results viewing
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