Amec Foster Wheeler's experts work on a wide range of projects around the globe; providing a range of services to clients. Whether it’s restoring damaged wildlife refuges, bringing power to an island, or replacing bridges while maintaining traffic, our experts deliver world-class services.

See some of our most recent project wins within the Americas.

Project title: US 6 Over Garrison Street
Location: Colorado
Client: Hamon Contractors

We are teamed with Hamon Contractors to build a Colorado Department of Transportation streamlined design-build bridge replacement project on US 6 over Garrison Street in Lakewood, CO. The project is to be completed in under a year while maintaining six lanes of traffic at all times, except during bridge demolition and girder erection. The project uses the innovative construction method of installing soil nails through the existing cast-in-place walls and installing mechanically stabilized earth walls above to save costs and accelerate schedule. We are also implementing alternative pavement design sections, reuse/recycling of pavements and use of a temporary bridge to maintain traffic. We are providing numerous design, environmental, geotechnical and project management-related services to the team.

Project title: HVDC Transmission Line
Location: Newfoundland and Labrador
Client: Valard Construction

The Labrador-Island Transmission Link (LIL) will carry electricity from a hydro power generating facility on the lower Churchill River at Muskrat Falls, Labrador to the island of Newfoundland. It is a high-voltage direct current (hvDC) transmission system 1,100 km long, running from central Labrador, crossing the Strait of Belle Isle via a sub-sea cable and extending to the Avalon Peninsula. We will provide geotechnical and materials services to the contractor (Valard) as part of the QA/QC package, which will see a team of professionals onsite until Fall 2016. This success comes on the back of our current and simultaneous involvement with Valard on an associated high voltage alternating current (hvAC) transmission line.

Project title: Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Coastal Tidal Marsh
Location: Delaware
Client: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Late 2014 Amec Foster Wheeler was awarded the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Tidal Marsh Restoration under our DOI MATOC contract. We will provide design-build services to restore 1500 acres of damaged tidal salt marsh through the end of October 2016. Our tasks include shallow draft hydraulic dredging to create tidal channels, modification of two existing water control structures, installation of approximately one million native marsh grasses, treatment of invasive plants, and removal of road fill. The project will increase the Refuge's ecological resources as part of the Hurricane Sandy Resiliency projects. The Refuge protects more than 10,000 acres of valuable habitat along the western Delaware Bay.