This campaign phrase used by Bill Clinton in his run against George H.W. Bush continues to ring true in our business. An important part of any solution to the upheavals in the world, and an important result from settling these upheavals is improvement to the economy of a country, region or the world.

Amec Foster Wheeler contributes to the economic miracles of growing economies, and stands ready to participate in the economic recoveries of countries and regions that are currently suffering. Our global and ethical approach to providing goods and services has improved the lifestyles of people around the world, including our employees, their families and the employees and families of our entire supply chain.

Where we see uncertainty and unrest in the world today, we need to realize that, as these problems are alleviated, the world will see economic improvements and business opportunities. Our company supports this economic growth with services and equipment to the oil & gas, clean energy, environment & infrastructure and mining markets. We can take pride that we know Amec Foster Wheeler’s growth and success serves to provide more people with access to energy and employment and therefore an improved quality of life.