In creating Amec Foster Wheeler, we have established a global force in project delivery, engineering and consulting, with some 40,000 experts, supporting our customers in more than 50 countries. Within Americas, we are a key part of the Amec Foster Wheeler whole – there are 16,000 of us covering geography from northern Canada to southern Chile and from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland – that’s a lot of scope. In addition, we cover all four of our core markets: oil and gas, clean energy, mining, and environment and infrastructure. Our customers vary from the public to private, from the global to local and from the larger to smaller. Being part of something that covers such scope presents terrific opportunities even with difficult market conditions.

How we take best advantage of these opportunities will define us going forward. Whilst having representation around the world is key to deliver locally to our customers, what is essential is how we connect and deliver globally, with a critical skill being global awareness. Our ability to bring together the knowledge, expertise and skills of our people from across our global network and build a culture of global awareness – a global mindset – is what empowers us to proactively adapt, innovate and focus on consistently delivering excellence.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention; we believe that diversity and inclusion inspire innovation and creativity. Therefore, as our economy is changing and how business is being done is changing; as our customers are changing their mindset and perspective – the expectation is that we will do the same. For Amec Foster Wheeler globally, ensuring we are a diverse organization by embracing inclusion is fundamental to our growth and ongoing competitiveness. We are facing challenging times in our end markets, and while these may continue, we are ready. By harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion, we are redefining the way we work and how we deliver enhanced value to our customers to better reflect the changing needs of our industry. One powerful advantage we share is the belief that together we can make a difference in the world.