I joined Amec Foster Wheeler nearly three years ago, and it was a massive change for me. I previously worked as a contractor at an engineering company, who specialised in water engineering and turnkey projects. I was managing the Industrial Water Division for many years and became very capable at my job. I got to know my clients and was recognised for being a capable leader. But there was something missing. I needed more. I felt as though I had run out of challenges, working with the same clients on the same projects. Contractor life became second nature to me and I had the need to be challenged again. I needed to step away from my comfort zone. I needed to be bold and look for change.

Amec Foster Wheeler was running a European recruitment programme in Barcelona, with consultant opportunities available across Europe, which was highly attractive to me. I had always wanted to challenge myself in a new country, to experience a new culture and test myself in that culture. I registered my interest and was invited to interview the next day. I was really attracted to the opportunities available not only in the water sector but across the Environment &Infrastructure division.

After two successful interview stages, I was offered a Consultant position with Amec Foster Wheeler in London. A new country and a new type of position. Change offers a rollercoaster of emotions and I went through them all – nerves, fear, curiosity, motivation and excitement. Deep down I knew I needed to change in order to test myself so I accepted the offer.

I changed the contractor life for the consultant life. As Contractor, I was very involved in the detail design, procurement of equipment and materials, construction and start up. Budget was essential and I had to get the best for the lower cost, which was a challenge! As a Consultant I define the basis of the projects, I help defining the environmental requirements, the performance specs and work in the early stages of the projects.

Since I moved to Amec Foster Wheeler, I’m constantly challenged and learn something new every day. I am always looking for new areas to discover.

Now, I am not only working in the water sector, I have expanded my knowledge to environmental permitting, air quality and waste sectors. Amec Foster Wheeler has allowed me to be exposed to a more complex reality.

If we dare to be bold challenges are there for us to take. My professional career has not been easy, but I have enjoyed every single minute of it.

Are you ready to accept challenges? Are you ready for the change? Take the risk, be bold.