When I told people I was joining Amec Foster Wheeler, they couldn’t believe it. They asked why I was joining an engineering company when I was an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) guy. What they didn’t realise was that whilst Amec Foster Wheeler was well known for its engineering and projects capability, it’s a company that undertakes a lot of O&M, and has seen a real growth in its portfolio.

Let’s go back a few years when Amec Foster Wheeler’s UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) business portfolio was reflective of its leading position in brownfield and engineering modifications. The company had a couple of O&M contracts (BP – Forties Pipeline System and Shell’s ONEgas) but the majority of its work focused on engineering and construction (E&C). I would never have thought of them as a company I would join for the next step in my career.

But I did my homework and joined Amec Foster Wheeler because of where the company was going. Today, our work on the UKCS is a much more balanced picture, with a real increase in the number of O&M contracts we have won.

One of the things that attracted me to Amec Foster Wheeler was the personal and professional development on offer. As a company that invests in its people, Amec Foster Wheeler prides itself on its ability to offer exciting development opportunities through the Academy, our development platform, as well as challenging work, mobility opportunities, fostering a culture where people can succeed and excel. Having a diverse portfolio of opportunities, across O&M, E&C (Asset Support), brownfield projects, hook-up and commissioning and late life & decommissioning, allows the company to do just that. And I am only talking about one key market of three we operate in.