Wood’s marine engineering simulator has joined the growing range of software products available on the cloud.

Cloud computing has the potential to transform the way we perform engineering design. The digital revolution is providing companies with access to enormous amounts of data and computational power without costly capital investment in expensive IT hardware.

Matt Kirk, Wood’s senior vice president of subsea and export systems, said “Wood are supporting our customers through the digital transformation by providing smarter solutions and challenging the traditional engineering delivery models and contracting methods. We are pushing boundaries to unlock value and efficiencies for our customers across the total expenditure of assets’ development and operating life.”

Flexcom, an offshore marine engineering simulator used on some of the world’s most demanding offshore projects, along with computational power and storage facilities, can now be delivered as a single coherent package via the internet.

Aengus Connolly, Flexcom product manager said “We are pleased to offer this ‘software-as-a-service’ model in response to an overwhelming desire from our customer base for a simpler, more expandable and more nimble access model. It allows our clients to pay for software and hardware when and where required, helping to lower operational costs and spread out capital investments over time.”

“The reduction on capital expenditure for expensive hardware is complemented by efficient management of software costs via an hourly-based licensing system. The cost is spread over the duration of an engineering project, avoiding the need for a lump sum purchase.”

“The cloud platform complements any existing desktop licenses of Flexcom in an organisation, allowing customers to instantly scale up their software licenses and computational resources during busy periods. Engineers can now access our software from any computer with internet access. There are no IT issues as no local hardware or software installation is required. Engineers no longer need to compete for software licenses or hardware resources in the office, improving overall productivity.”

Another technological advantage of Wood’s Flexcom software is an unlimited online data storage capability, allowing customers to archive as required. Data is managed in a secure storage area, dedicated to the customer’s nominated users.

If you would like any further information or would like to speak to an expert, please contact: sw.support@woodplc.com.