Wood is pleased to announce the creation of the role of Chief Technology Officer with the appointment of Darren Martin. As part of the broader strategy to differentiate Wood’s capabilities across energy and industrial markets, he will redefine the digital offering, enabling us to harness technology that will further complement Wood’s deep industry domain knowledge. New geographies and capabilities will be added to existing centres of digital excellence in Australia, the UK and America.

A digital and technology thought leader and keynote speaker, Darren previously led a range of strategic growth initiatives at a world leading independent end-to-end IT services and solution company.

“Digital leadership is key to Wood’s strategy. The fourth industrial revolution is disrupting global markets and we intend to be a key player in the technological innovation critical to addressing energy transition. We will continue to evolve to ensure our innovative capability extends across a range of end markets, within and beyond energy.”
Robin Watson, chief executive, Wood
”This is an exciting time to join Wood. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to progress our digital footprint and accelerate the digital transformation of our services. Our world is changing faster than ever. Everything around us is becoming smarter and more digitally connected: cars, factories, ports, mines, refineries, roads, office buildings, and even entire cities will be wired together in new ways and this will fundamentally change how Wood does business in the future.”
Darren Martin, chief technology officer, Wood