Decarbonisation SCORE
Roadmap to decarbonising your asset portfolio

What is your decarbonisation SCORE?

Our decarbonisation SCORE methodology provides a roadmap to setting and delivering emissions reduction targets. Whatever your decarbonisation journey, it is important to apply a structured process to be able to map out how your goals will be achieved and lead to a successful outcome.

Operators need to fully understand the policy landscape and their carbon baseline, before defining objectives and targets for decarbonisation through benchmarking, assessing market impacts and taking consideration of policy and corporate strategy. They then need to review and map assets to enable development of decarbonisation pathway scenarios.

Our structured and dynamic process brings together the breadth of our technical advisory, project and operations expertise, with a deep understanding of innovative technology solutions, as well as wide sector and global experience as a trusted thinking and delivery partner. We’ll look at your substitution, capture, offsetting, and reduction options and evaluate (SCORE) their economic and operational potential. Working with you, we’ll produce a decarbonisation roadmap for your organisation. We can also design your solution, help you implement the necessary changes, and monitor performance with real-time insight.

The decarbonisation SCORE methodology can be applied to single or multiple assets, to a client’s full asset portfolio or across a specific geography or region using an evaluation assessment of opportunities to:

Substitute -substitution of fuel or feedstocks consumed for renewable or less intensive sources. For example, switching electricity provision to a renewable source or considering use of renewable and bio feedstocks.

Capture - employing carbon capture technologies, or emissions control technologies, to substantially reduce or eliminate harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

Offset - considering assets or product portfolios across a country or company-wide scale to achieve decarbonisation/clean air goals.

Reduce - looking at holistic asset optimisation considering areas around energy efficiency, digitalisation and operations and maintenance best practise.

Evaluate - whatever your decarbonisation journey, it’s important to apply a structured evaluation process to be able to map out your decarbonisation journey to meet goals and lead to a successful outcome.

Decarbonisation score graphic

How we deliver on your roadmap objectives:

World class expertise and systems for design delivery: Working with our clients to turn the decarbonisation roadmap into reality, Wood’s design services ensure robust and implementable solutions.

Supporting clients to implement, integrate and commission: Our proven expertise throughout execution phases of projects ensures reliable project delivery and start up – maximising certainty for our clients.

Monitor through operations support and technology solutions: We offer a range of operations services – from asset performance technology solutions through to duty-holdership – giving our clients a full view on asset performance against decarbonisation targets. This includes our ENVision  real-time carbon footprinting software which provides visibility of carbon and other emissions to ensure reduction targets are achieved.

Recycle for advisory and performance insight: Monitoring of asset performance is fed back into overall asset and portfolio roadmaps to ensure overall objectives are being met.

To learn more about how we can advise, assess and deliver against your decarbonisation targets, contact our experts today.

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