Engineering, procurement & construction management (EPCM)

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From small brownfield expansions through major greenfield projects, we work as your partner to execute projects globally.

Through our global reach, local touch, integrated project culture, experienced personnel, technical excellence, and proven processes and systems, we deliver a full range of engineering, design, project management and project delivery services to ensure your most challenging projects are delivered safely, cost-efficiently and reliably with integrity. From small brownfield expansions through major greenfield projects, we work as your partner to execute projects globally.

From highly remote locations and in the most extreme climate conditions, we have demonstrated our ability to meet and exceed technical, construction, operational and environmental challenges for more than 60 years. Safe, capitally aligned and designed, reliable projects and operations are achieved by integrating technology and data solutions globally with proven experience. This is supported by global supply chain services that provide price certainty and quality control and overcome expediting and logistics challenges.

Working as an integrated team builds trust and provides access to the right global talent pools at the right time. We offer a full range of capabilities in both engineering and design to ensure the most efficient and economic plant by optimising process, mechanical, piping, civil/structural, electrical and control systems to suit the application and location. Our experience includes engineering, procurement, construction and construction management (EPC and EPCM) project delivery, as well as a variety of contracting models enhanced to provide commercial flexibility. We have the experience and expertise to manage your projects on your behalf, within schedule and allocated budget. Once a project is complete, we can provide integrated solutions to sustain and optimise operating production facilities.

A focus on safe delivery in all we do

Our relentless commitment to safety is deeply rooted in our culture and underpins everything we do. We have an industry-recognised safety record and a comprehensive safety management system that forms the basis for the safety management program on every project. We also place a strong emphasis on quality assurance and excellence in health, safety, security, environment and community.

As a testament, we were awarded the prestigious Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) Mining & Minerals Project Development Safety Award for our outstanding project safety systems, culture and performance achieved during the project execution of K+S Potash Canada’s Bethune Mine in Saskatchewan, Canada. Working as an integrated project team with our customer and contractors, over 11 million hours were executed without a lost-time injury to deliver the first greenfield potash mine in Saskatchewan in 40 years.

Our select global technical expertise and project execution record includes:

  • Study + EPC for 2,050 ft. vent shaft – 1st application of its kind in Nevada, US
  • Study + EPCM of underground gold-silver mine, processing facilities & infrastructure
  • EPCM of the largest gold project in the world
  • EPC of one of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in Australia
  • Material handling EPC for one of the largest iron ore mines
  • EPCM of largest uranium project in the world, in Africa
  • Study + EPCM of lithium projects in South America and Australia
  • EPCM of largest and most modern greenfield potash project in the world
  • Material handling EPC for British Columbia’s first major metals project in 15 years
  • Integration contractor for a mega copper mine expansion in Chile
  • Material handling EPC for mega copper project concentrator
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