Mineral resources and project assessments

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Providing value-driven, implementable solutions.

Internationally recognised for our expertise in the due diligence review of mining projects and operations, economic evaluation of projects, and independent review of feasibility studies and operations performance, we provide reliable, credible guidance that adds value. Solutions are tailored your specific needs, so you can make the right investment to achieve project goals.

Our world-renowned team of geologists, geostatisticians, open-pit and underground mining engineers, metallurgists, environmental scientists, cost estimators and financial analysts assess and provide value-driven solutions to maximise returns on orebodies, mining equipment and process facilities. We address the environmental regulations and requirements globally and perform audits, preliminary economic assessments, due diligence reviews and reserve estimates on mineral deposits worldwide.

Geology and resource estimation

Offering one of the industry’s most diverse talent pools in resource geology and geostatistics, we provide complete technical reporting, resource estimation, drilling and exploration programs for virtually all commodities including precious and base metals, potash, lithium, coal, rare earths and diamonds. Our resource estimators have extensive experience in a wide variety of commodities, deposits and estimation techniques. We use our strong knowledge of reconciliation to accurately predict the extraction of contained metal. We are pioneers in sampling theory and practice, and experts in multiple-indicator kriging, conditional simulation and other geostatistical applications for the reliable determination of mineral resources.

Due diligence

A trusted partner of mining investors, we employ sophisticated approaches in our due diligence reviews of development properties and operating mines that identify both the likelihood and impact of risks, as well as opportunities for adding value. Wood’s capabilities in geology, mining, process engineering, financial analysis and environmental sciences enable us to conduct due diligence thoroughly and efficiently. We have supported most of the major mining companies in the world in their corporate governance functions and preparation of technical reports for IPOs. Our expertise provides owners, financial institutions and potential shareholders with assurance that the highest level of professional standards and responsibility are applied to the projects we assess. This increases investor confidence and facilitates funding decisions.

Financial modelling and risk assessment

We provide reliable, credible guidance relating to project costs, economics, trade-offs, risks, contingencies and valuations. Our estimating group is one of the largest, most experienced, and most trusted in the industry. We apply discounted cash-flow (DCF) analyses, Monte Carlo risk assessments and asset-based valuations, and real-options valuations to enable our customers to make informed decisions on developing or expanding their projects.

Public reporting

Wood is unique among large consulting firms in that we offer full support of reporting requirements for public disclosure, from preliminary economic assessments through to detailed feasibility studies. Our experience and reputation in this area are unsurpassed, having prepared hundreds of NI 43-101 Technical Reports and Competent Person’s Reports. We fully understand and comply with international mining disclosure standards. Our teams have supported IPOs of significant mining assets, and review of global mineral resources and mineral reserves for major mining companies.

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