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Providing flow assurance, technical consulting, asset performance management, and workflow automation and optimisation solutions worldwide.

Wood offers a global team of specialists experienced in applying advanced technology for the design and optimal operation of oil & gas production, pipeline and processing facilities. Our services and solutions provide clear value-added solutions for our customers in the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas industry as well as other process industries.

Wood’s team of more than 175 consultants are world-class experts in flow assurance and combining strong analytical capabilities and innovative technology in transient multiphase flow, thermodynamics, dynamic process simulation, production chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, multiphase metering/ allocation, data analytics and machine learning. We also provide solutions for advanced process control, environmental compliance management, training and competency, supply chain management, and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

Flow assurance & Technical consulting services

Wood has the largest independent team of specialists in flow assurance, multiphase flow simulation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), process simulations, production chemistry, operations troubleshooting and metering & allocation. Our specialist team supports our customers with innovative technology, sound engineering practices, and robust analytics and field-proven digital tools.

Our expertise spans all project stages for onshore and offshore assets. We understand and mitigate key flow assurance issues through our technical consulting services, from design to operations. We are focused on improving efficiency, safety and cost.

For more than two decades, we have successfully delivered on over 4,000 flow assurance and related consulting services projects for 200+ companies worldwide.

Asset performance management – field-proven digital technology

Wood offers advanced field-proven digital tools and world-class technical consulting services to our clients in upstream and downstream oil & gas , process, chemicals and refining industries as well as other market sectors.

We offer solutions geared for real-time asset performance management (APM), workflow automation & optimisation, and training & competency management. These solutions cover the full range of our clients' design and operational requirements, including, but not limited to, field development, production well monitoring and surveillance, integrated oil & gas operations management and optimisation, as well as processing, chemicals and refining operations.

Oil & gas operations:

Wood offers digital tools for real-time asset performance management, from pore to process, encompassing the various facets of upstream to downstream operations. These solutions include:

Virtuoso® - Wood's field-proven suite of digital tools for online simulation of integrated systems, inclusive of wells, pipelines and other upstream processing facility operations. These tools also are used to perform engineering studies, field development & operations planning and operator training. The unique modularity of these packages offers clients full flexibility to deploy fit-for-purpose solutions that address all of their assets' operational requirements and challenges in one package.

Process simulation operations

Our expertise in monitoring systems can assist enterprises in ensuring optimised operations by using and implementing advanced software. The following applications have also been deployed for asset performance management, particularly for process-intensive operations:

ProDyn and VP Link – These packages offer a feature-reach data visualisation interface and rigorous process simulations designed for built-for-purpose fidelity process dynamics simulation. They have also been used extensively as operator training systems (OTS) to train our clients' operators and facilitate improved comprehension and retention. Where required, the systems can be supplemented with a number of commercial dynamic simulation engines and can emulate or interface to various control systems in order to give the operators a real-world experience.

Real-time performance monitoring visualisation

In addition, Wood also offers other performance visualisation tools. These include:

ProRPM – real-time performance monitoring software interfaces to various data sources such as plant historians, distributed control systems (DCS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, etc. and presents that data in a flexible, user-configurable dashboard that can be customised to each user. These systems also include calculation engines to calculate performance metrics and interface to various commercial simulation engines to enable comparing real-time operation to asset design..

Environmental compliance monitoring

ENVisionTM – helps clients’ environmental and operational staff efficiently manage complex air regulation calculations and monitoring requirements, including analyser QA/QC, in real time, 24/7. Envision provides the automated, reliable data assurance and calculations a plant needs to operate in compliance and more cost-effectively. This purpose-built, dedicated system allows a focus on higher-value activities while continuing to meet regulatory agency compliance requirements. ENVision serves the plant from the control room to the board room.

ProGHG – complete solutions to assist petroleum and natural gas producers in automating the greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting process. The application includes data input, data import from various existing databases, data integration, data validation, emission calculations and analysis.

Workflow Automation & Optimisation

Engineering analysis

Maestro –feature-rich post-processing tool helps our customers accurately visualise, analyse and interpret their simulation results. It processes these results from steady state and transient flow simulators, and helps the user better understand the production network operating envelope, prevailing phase behaviour and conditions, and potential operational limitations. It is designed to streamline the overall flow assurance engineering work practices, standardise routine post-processing activities and offers advanced flow assurance calculations, including Wood's ECE – electronic corrosion engineer.

For supply chain management of continuous manufacturing plants, Wood offers the following tools that can be easily configured and modified by the user.

ProPlan and ProSched – planning and scheduling packages used to optimise the petroleum supply chain, and run planning and economics simulations of refineries and chemical plants. The ProSched software allows the optimisation of scheduling of logistics assets and creates a detailed schedule for asset operation for various time horizons.

Advanced process control (APC)

Wood’s advanced process control team provides consulting and full project implementation with industry-leading APC technologies, process knowledge and control technology.

We have the experience required to implement control applications from simple FEED to the industry's latest developments in multivariable, model-based, predictive control technology including such industry leading platforms as DMC, DMC+, Honeywell Profit Controller, Emerson Delta V Predict and Predict Pro, and Cutler ADMC.

Manufacturing operations management & Manufacturing execution system (MOM & MES)

Wood delivers a complete project life cycle – from initial simultaneous engineering activities workshops through to system handover – for a complete project size range. In the discrete manufacturing industries our simulation and robotics expertise reduces project execution time for faster commissioning and start-up.

Our manufacturing business continues to be first choice for many of the world’s largest automotive companies and are on the forefront of electric and hybrid car manufacturing. We integrate control systems for the robots and the conveyors for automotive assembly.

Wood also has a specialized group focusing on handling high level control services including Information Systems, Software Development, Systems Analysis, and Networking to implement and integrate business planning, logistics and manufacturing operations management systems.

Computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) services

CMMSs and enterprise asset management systems (EAM) provide asset management, work management, materials management, purchasing management and financial management capabilities to asset intensive businesses. Wood has extensive experience working with various applications such as IBM Maximo, SAP PM and Oracle eAM.

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