Repair orders

Tailored processes to rapidly eliminate backlog, improve asset integrity and save costs.

We are challenging and redefining the delivery model for repair orders, combining an enhanced skillset with tailored processes to rapidly eliminate backlog, improve asset integrity and save costs.

A dedicated team

We have evolved a flexible, agile and dynamic team specifically to address repair orders.

Multidiscipline delivery

Each individual is a self-contained repair order expert, able to survey, design, build and install. This keeps interfaces to a minimum and streamlines the process, while drastically reducing personnel on site. We also have the ability to use existing maintenance and construction crews, further reducing costs.

Continuous improvement

As we continue to build on the service our understanding of each customer's requirements and the needs of the asset will be refined further, helping us to become more consistent and predictable. This will help you:

  • Stay on schedule
  • Keep to budget
  • Balance your maintenance routine

Complete end-to-end service

The team is trained to cover all parts of the process from start to finish, so you don’t have to project manage or bring in additional specialists.

Integrated fabrication

Our goal is to offer a fully integrated, end-to-end service from survey to sign off. With rapid-response personnel we can go from initial survey to design and fabrication in a matter of hours. With every phase fully integrated and multiskilled personnel we can speed through the process without the usual cross-discipline interfaces.

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