A complete toolbox of maintenance, preservation, shutdown/ turnaround (TAR) or routine services

We provide safe, consistent operations support across planned and unplanned maintenance activities, from management of equipment repair, overhaul and field service support to strategic maintenance planning, inventory management and procurement

Our site-based maintenance teams are passionate about delivering excellence in performance by executing work through maintenance management systems (CMMS). We provide discrete specialisms across all maintenance requirements, including fabric maintenance and a fully integrated repair order capability through a dedicated service line. This gives you access to a rapid response, multi-discipline, one-stop shop for tackling backlog and emergency repairs.

A world-class performance record and unrivalled asset familiarity allow us to offer a robust and fully assured suite of maintenance services from the very good to the very best. Whether your asset is just out of the box or maturing into late life we know how to bring you peace of mind and complete support.

The maintenance program starts as soon as materials arrive and continues until the last element is removed. We have the processes and team to deliver it in line with your facility maintenance strategy. When you need a quick turnaround we have the team to do a quick pit stop and get you back up and running.

In addition to having the right tool for the job, we also have the back office agility to be streamlined to your goals. When you need extra resource, we have the specialist and technology depth to help and support you.

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