Scaffolding and containment

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Innovative and cost-effective designs

We supply a vast range of scaffold and alternative-access solution systems, with innovative and cost-effective designs that meet the demanding technical requirements for projects in the process, energy, marine, infrastructure and construction sectors.

Whatever and wherever your asset may be, we can design and install systems that let you access all areas of the worksite or enclose it from the elements so you can work safely and efficiently.

With our in-house design team, highly trained, multi-skilled technicians and a broad range of available scaffold equipment, we can provide you with bespoke access solutions regardless of the scale and location of your project.

Access services include:

  • Design solutions
  • Inspection and surveys
  • Consultancy
  • Scaffolding
  • Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)
  • Rope access
  • Access platforms
  • Suspended decking/netting


We provide a wide range of containment solutions to protect the work environment against contaminants, providing a controlled work area that saves time and shields both personnel and the worksite from changing and extreme weather conditions.

We also use containment to improve worksite aesthetics, diminishing the impact construction has on the surrounding area.

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