Subsea cables

We deliver optimal solutions for the planning, design, construction and operation of subsea power cables.

Our experienced engineers bring advanced analytical capabilities, strong technical knowledge in geographical information systems (GIS) and data management, and our extensive experience to deliver safe, practical and cost-effective cable projects.

As a technology leader in the sector, we have led several joint industry projects in this area, including the undertaking of specific research into the stability of cables on mobile seabeds.

Our specialist teams support areas such as:

  • Survey management, data processing and interpretation
  • Through-life inspection and maintenance
  • Offshore cable routing and optimisation
  • Cable design for optimum stability and protection
  • Cable installation and repair design for deepwater
  • Landfall location analysis and shore crossing design
  • Cable package management to the quay side

Project delivery is assured because of our extensive project management services portfolio – from specific areas of support such as procurement or document management, through to full project management consultancy services utilising our delivery system toolkit.

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