Sulphur recovery

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Sulphur recovery has increasingly stringent environmental and fuel-product specifications, and Wood has advanced knowledge of this complex area of refining technology. Wood has extensive experience in process design and operations, providing our customers with industry-leading proprietary information and equipment design. Since the 1970s our technology has been used in all aspects of sulphur recovery and many of the designs we pioneered are still the industry standard today.

We continually update and improve our technology to meet industry demands for better safety, performance, reliability and recovery efficiency.

Our portfolio includes our proprietary acid gas burner, which utilises a compact plant layout to minimise footprint, tried and tested through its installation within more than 100 units.

We also use a unique burner design to provide intense mixing with low pressure drop, providing an unobstructed view of the thermal reactor interior and waste-heat boiler tubesheet.

Wood has been involved in more than 500 sulphur-related projects worldwide. Our extensive experience covers a wide range of feed compositions with sulphur-recovery units (SRUs) ranging in size from 4 to over 650 mT/day and sulphur recovery efficiencies meeting requirements up to and exceeding 99.98%.

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