Enabling a sustainable world: A framework for resiliency
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COP26 focused the world on the need for climate action now, not ambitions for tomorrow. Companies and governments around the globe have set ambitious targets and visions for a resilient and sustainable world, but how do they turn that into projects?

Having framed the challenges of net zero and the race to resilience in the first two episodes of our Enabling a Sustainable World podcast series, Wood experts outline the need for a structured approach and innovative solutions, exploring Wood’s ADAPT framework, the importance of accessing finance, and technical solutions that will deliver resiliency on the ground.


2:28 Adapting for resiliency: where do we start?

07:10 Responding to an uncertain future

08:43 Bridging the funding gap

12:10 Tools for resilient projects

15:19 Can the world achieve resiliency?

Dr. Jonas Roberts
Manager Met-Ocean and Atlantic Services
Payal Thadani
Process Engineer
Peter Hall
Global Director – Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure
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