Confronting the PFAS challenge: new treatment technologies
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There is simply not enough money to remediate Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in groundwater. How do you develop an effective remediation strategy and what new technologies are in development to respond to today’s challenges? Wood experts provide a better understanding of ongoing research and development and the future of PFAS remediation.


1:16 Promising research and development

6:54 Unlocking an effective remediation strategy

11:52 What’s next for PFAS ?

Nathan Hagelin
Global Technical Expert Network Director
Bill Malyk
Global PFAS Water Treatment Lead
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    Emerging contaminants

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    Wood PFAS remediation project at former US military base receives national recognition

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    Confronting the PFAS challenge

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    Planning clean sustainable solutions for drinking water impacted by PFAS