Confronting the PFAS challenge: unlocking a resilient strategy
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Wood experts discuss unlocking a resiliency strategy to respond to today’s Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) challenges. What are the top three things industries can do to manage PFAS risk? What can we learn from the PFAS challenge to evolve how we manage emerging chemicals for a sustainable future? What actions can businesses and government take to respond to evolving PFAS policies?


1:47 Managing reputational and financial implications

7:24 Opportunity to create better outcomes

11:15 Navigating the complex policy landscape

Shalene Thomas
Global Emerging Contaminants Programme Manager
Dave Woodward
Vice President and leads Wood’s Environmental Remediation Global Technical Excellence Network
Rob Whiting
Policy Consultant, Reading, UK
  • Expertise

    Emerging contaminants

  • Article

    Wood PFAS remediation project at former US military base receives national recognition

  • Blog

    Confronting the PFAS challenge

  • Case study

    Planning clean sustainable solutions for drinking water impacted by PFAS