Water innovation: one week to drive down carbon
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Wood experts discuss how they teamed up with client Northumbrian Water at the recent innovation festival to develop new approaches to decarbonising water operations. How are water companies challenged in achieving decarbonisation and efficiency goals for our future? How is the annual Water Innovation festival helping to solve these challenges? How will the outputs bring water operators one significant step ahead in their path to carbon neutrality?


2:42 The role of the water industry in addressing the climate crisis

6:57 Solving real-world challenges at the innovation festival

12:078 Developing a real-time digital twin to drive down carbon

19:21 What this innovation means for the industry going forward

Angela MacOscar
Head of Innovation, Northumbria Water
Andy Wallace
Leader of Wood’s water engineering team in the UK
Shawn Allan
Global digital and technology leader (consulting)

Tapping into Resilient Solutions for Our Water Future