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Wood launches next generation of hydrogen production technology

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Debunking the myths of SMR vs ATR hydrogen technology

Wood has unveiled its new steam methane reforming (SMR) technology, which can achieve 95% CO2 emissions reduction, compared to a traditional hydrogen production plant.

The technology aims to counter inefficiencies in energy, heat production and industrial processes, which together account for more than half of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Wood believes the pathway to reduce these emissions and create a more sustainable future, whilst also meeting increasing demand for energy, lies in reducing the carbon intensity of hydrogen production.

Valentina Depetri, Wood’s Hydrogen Process Lead, revealed the new technology at the Energy & Sustainability Forum (ESF) in Berlin

Valentina Depetri, Wood’s Hydrogen Process Lead, revealed the technology at the Energy & Sustainability Forum (ESF) in Berlin last month, while presenting a comparison of blue hydrogen production technologies to downstream industry leaders from across the world.

Wood’s new SMR technology, applicable for both greenfield and brownfield projects, will reduce CAPEX and OPEX for operators while improving the environmental footprint and efficiency of new or existing hydrogen production assets through integrated pre-combustion carbon capture. The evolution of this technology builds upon Wood’s extensive track record in hydrogen production, having designed and built over 120 hydrogen plants globally.

Andy Hemingway, Executive President of Wood Consulting, said: “The potential of hydrogen as an energy vector has become a key factor in achieving a low-carbon future.

This innovative new generation of SMR technology will provide low-carbon hydrogen production for our clients across a wide range of end uses and will enable them to deliver on their net-zero objectives.”

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