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Delivering value through accelerated digital transformation for a new age

We are empowering organisations to navigate the changing technology landscape, ensuring competitiveness and sustainability, through intelligent ecosystems, domain expertise and digital solutions.

Through Applied Intelligence we develop tailored, transformation strategies so that our consultants and engineers can empower you to be future-ready, now. We enable you to realise the digital opportunity to improve performance and agility while driving resilience and efficiencies at every level of the organisation.

Our global team of experts work with you to invest in the right scalable solutions and services to help you achieve your business objectives faster. We design, build and operationalize transformation solutions quickly, cost-effectively, and safely across the full lifecycle of a project or asset.

Our expertise includes consulting, design of digital systems, solution architecting, and ‘build, test, implement, operate’, across manufacturing, process and infrastructure as we continually explore, evolve, and deploy the latest innovations to enhance assets and unlock value for our clients. We provide experience across project life cycles to offer an end-to-end strategy and approach to change and digital transformation that ensure the required business value is delivered and investments are future proofed

At Wood, we have a multidisciplinary and multilingual network of engineers, data scientists, and consultants with global expertise in best-practices and innovation, as well as local knowledge of regulations, issues, and requirements, to support clients. With deep domain expertise and knowledge, specialist engineering skills, and extensive understanding of the latest innovations available, Wood’s consultants and subject-matter experts provide strategic guidance on the best approaches, technologies, and solutions.

Established and innovative, Wood has been delivering value to clients for over 160 years yet remains at the forefront of innovation development and delivery.

Digital innovation

Transforming businesses through digital innovation and future proofing investment

We enable you to intelligently transform with tailored strategic guidance and digital technologies that deliver measurable business value, quickly.

You get full visibility of the benefits – whether that is profit improvement, or reduced downtime – in advance, for example by using virtual commissioning to test designs, deploying digital twin across the asset lifecycle, or simulation tools for operator training. By creating complete solutions to business problems rather than point solutions to technical problems, clients have fewer integration issues, and the management burden is reduced for best all-round value.

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Intelligent operations

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to convert data into actionable insights to drive sustainability, performance and efficiency

We use an agile, iterative, and proven methodology to accelerate time to value for operational transformation and help achieve operational excellence and optimised costs.

We are continually investing in proprietary technology solutions for operations that are delivered through cloud, making it robust and scalable, allowing real-time data acquisition, analytics, optimization and control. We make operations sustainable, by digitally monitoring and managing emissions.

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Safety, cyber security, compliance and risk management

Reducing the risks of change

We help clients reduce and effectively manage the multiple risks, including cybersecurity, health and safety, regulatory compliance, and reputational management and protection. While de-risking transformational change across ongoing operations, we help clients meet functional safety requirements by constantly monitoring assets and people, and by driving intelligence from data.

We create fit-for-purpose solutions and help bridge the skills gap to support remote operations and workers.

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Transforming businesses

Pressure to transform both business and operations through digital innovation

Creating intelligent operations

Organisations need to increase their agility

Safety, compliance and risk management

Organisations must ensure sustained safety of the plant, planet and people

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United by our common purpose to unlock solutions to the world’s most critical challenges, we are future ready, now.